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Elementary Month | week three → relationships
"Would you be surprised to learn you’ve been on my mind, Joan Watson?"

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Russian Holmes

i need a big post about all russian and soviet Holmes movie. because Vasily Livanov and Igor Petrenko are not only actors who played famous detective

1. The first adaptation was The Hound of Baskervilles (1971), black and white spectacle with Nicolai Volkov as Holmes and Lev Krugliy as Watsonimage

it wasn’t popular because Lev Kruglyi leaved USSR, as ordinary in such cases films with actors of that kind wasn’t shown on TV

2. The most famous adaptation with Vasily Livanov The adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. (1979-1986) 5 stories(11 episodes) show life of Holmes from the meeting with doctor Watson to his life in countryside with bees. It close to books, but have some inaccuracies.


Mycroft Holmes  Boris Kluev


 Doctor Watson  Vitaly Solominimage

Stapletones Oleg Yankovsky and Irina Kupchenko


It has all important charactes as Mycroft Holmes, Mrs Hudson, Inspector Lestrade, Professor Moriarty, Stapletone with his wife, but also some characters who are not often shown in films as Moran (Nicolay Krukov)


inspector Gregson (left one)image

and even Lora Lyons


3. We with Sherlock Holmes - cartoon 1985, voiced by Vasily Livanov (Sherlock Holmes) and Andrei Mironov (dog)


4. The blue carbuncle (1979) musical film. Algimantas Masulis(voiced Anatoly Kuznetsov) and Ernst Romanov as Sherlock Holmes and doctor Watson


5. Detective Teddy - cartoons 1976, 1986 about dog, made in Kievnauchfilm studio


6. Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson - cartoons (2005 and 2012) (the second cartoon is Ucranian, but still in russian ) by Alexandr Bubnov, is a parody at series with Livanov, because Holmes’ voice is very close to Livanov’s one and some characters look very similar to actors from the series.


7. Sherlock Holmes - 2013 series with Igor Petrenko.

The series was insired by films with Robert Downey Jr., so Holmes in the beginnig looks very close to Downey’s portrayal - unkempt in dirty dress


but to the end of film he turns to real gentlemenimage

also in the series Watson (Andrei Panin) teached Holmes how to fight


8. My dearly beloved detective (1986) with Ekaterina Vasilieva as Shirley Holmes. In the movie Holmes and Watson are fictional characters and main heroine is interested in Sherlock Holmes, so she with her friend Jane solves the mysteries. Also there is inspector Lester who has feels for Shirleyimage

also there is a serie of cartoons Brothers Pilots, which also a parody on Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, but not an actual adaptationimage

and in the cartoon The dog in boots there is dog-sleuth voiced by Livanov it’s allusion on his portrayalimage

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Duran Duran - Simon Le Bon


Duran Duran - Simon Le Bon

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I love this, it’s almost like a storybook illustration that’s been brought to life.
This is so neat


I love this, it’s almost like a storybook illustration that’s been brought to life.

This is so neat

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Influences from Fred Astaire’s The Band Wagon (1953) seen in Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal, Dangerous and You Rock My World.

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Personal sketch based on this excellent comic about a lady knight and her willowy poet boyfriend by 16ruedelaverrerie.

The rainbows won’t stop gushing from my mouth, but what is there I even need to say about lexxercise, you know lexxercise! The important thing is that lexxercise is lexxercise, a beautiful towering fir tree atop Mt. Amazing, and this is so gorgeous that it is physically making my heart seize up. Did you know that when you look up the phrase “transcendental composition arising from organic body language” in a dictionary which contains improbable phrases as entries instead of words, you get this picture accompanied by the definition, “mere mortals wish they could aspire to such heights”? WELL YOU DO.

gorgeous ;;

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Is everyone clear on what’s going on in Russia with LGBTQ peoples. CAUSE YOU SHOULD BE. What’s going on is absolutely horrifically disgusting and it turns my stomach. Russia is home to people just like you and me except their government is telling them how they can and cannot live and who they can and cannot LOVE. This is heartbreaking. Ask yourself how you can help our Russian brothers and sisters. Lets not be quiet about this. We can all help.

Ways you can help:


VISIT This website will inform you of the chaos in Russia and other areas of the world where being gay is a crime. Help by donations and/or signing they’re demands to governments across the world for EQUALITY and PEACE.



It is just appalling to see how Russian youth are being brainwashed into a doctrine of hatred!  Our gay Tumblr community must know what is happening to our brothers and sisters in Russia.  Russia wants to be seen as a progressive country by hosting the Olympics, but with human rights being violated this way, Russia only appears barbaric to the free world and any right thinking person.  PLEASE, AT LEAST RE-BLOG THIS.

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